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Reasons My Cat is Meowing

I love my cat, as I’m sure you know. He’s a goofball. He purrs super-loudly. There are mornings that he’s so cute I find myself rushing to get out the door because I get distracted petting him. But he has his quirks that can be annoying. For example, he meows. A lot. Basically, whenever he’s not sleeping. These are just some of the reasons, in no particular order, that he is meowing.


  1. There’s a door closed somewhere in the house. He’s sure something cool is on the other side.
  2. He forgot that it’s -15F and he thinks he needs to go outside. When I open the door, he sniffs at the air then turns around.
  3. He wanted a piece of my apple but he doesn’t like apples and thinks I should give him something else to eat instead.
  4. The bathtub doesn’t have any leftover water he can drink. Also, his water dish is too full.
  5. His sister is laying somewhere where he wanted to walk. (To be fair, she does hiss whenever anyone walks by…)
  6. I’m in another room and he thinks I’ve abandoned him. He doesn’t want me to pet him or look at him. He just wants to be adored from a few feet away.
  7. I decided to talk on the phone within 6 feet of him and my voice is too loud.
  8. I won’t let him have the milk left in my cereal bowl.
  9. He thinks he heard a can opener. 20 miles away. I’m supposed to give him tuna now…
  10. I made him move off my pillow so I could go to sleep.