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“The impossible dream


I read on the car wash sign

in Not-My-College Town

at eleven o’clock on a starry night.

Maybe it’st he fact that I’m exhausted,

but the wisdome from those plastic letters

seems more real

than anything I’ve been told lately.

and maybe it’s irresponsible

to take advice from a cliché sign

at a car wash…

But it’s optimism is as refreshing

as jumping into a cool lake


So here I come

I’m diving

into an unplanned life

where dreams that seem impossible


And anything can happen.

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Ode to the Final Straw

Ode to the Final Straw

Thank you.

Thank you. So. Freaking. Much.

Others have come before you,

With their challenges,

Their inconsistencies,

Their ubiquitous, frustrating nature.

Others before you have tried.

Others before you have failed.

But you,


You came along and changed everything.

For a moment, all the rest paled

Compared to you,

As if they never mattered.

But now,

I’m standing in the middle

Of a windowless room

While straws rain ceaselessly

Around my outstretched arms.

As I fall to my knees,

The rain slows, then stops.




Wafts down and lands on my head.

Thank you. So. Freaking. Much.