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Once again, changing spaces.

Well, in browsing my last few posts, they are all about a change of location: from college to home and home to camp. Then I went from camp to home. And from home back to college. My life is a giant circle.

So… I’m back in G. living in my sweet townhouse with 4 other awesome people. It’s great to sit down to dinner, pray together for our meal, and share interesting conversation and such. Tonight’s menu, prepared by yours truly, was a marinated chicken (vinegar based with garlic, salt, and other seasonings), corn on the cob, salad, biscuits, etc. And you didn’t think I could cook! (without an iron and a hot pot)  😉

As great as the TH is, I miss OBC like you wouldn’t believe. Specifically, I miss my people: Chief, Sunshine, Aunt Beast, Young Samuel, Auntie Karen, Mama Janice, the Captain, etc. Fortunately, I’m spending Saturday night at Aunt Beast’s house then working all day Sunday!

Every time I sit down in class something strikes me about life that I’m sure the professor didn’t intend. It’s weird, understand? I plan on blogging about it throughout the semester. As soon as I get my head together.

At any rate, I’ve Shakespeare to read. And a movie to attend at 9.