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Summer Update

well, life is… busy. And kind of hectic. 

In two weeks, I leave for OBC for the official season. I am not ready in the least bit. 

I have not ready anything yet and time is running out. 

This stupid class is taking all of my free reading time away from me. 

I went to G. the other day. It was good. I had Starbucks, which is the joy of my life. 

Took a “field trip” to Lockport this weekend after the Dairy Parade. Pics are on facebook. 

Anyway, that’s about it at the moment. I need to get back home to write a paper. 

More some other time, though my internet time will soon be limited. I’ll have to actually find my library card and come into the library instead of sitting in the car. Very sad indeed. 



“As you know, I am a petal borne aloft on the autumn wind. It should say that in my file.” I like my alone time but get lonely frequently. I am dependable and trustworthy, a hard worker, and if I say I will do something, it will most likely be done. I am daily learning who I am and how I relate to people. I sing almost constantly. (Some would say I’m crazy or weird… I’m ok with that.) I am a singing, dancing photographer/writer/web-editor/proofreader who wants to change the world. I am on the cusp of a quarter-life crisis, navigating the ups and downs of becoming a grown-up. I find that as a twenty-nine year old woman, many of my friends seem to have the life I want: jobs in fields they love (with decent salaries), boyfriends, fiances, children, etc., while I seem somewhat stuck in a mediocre job with little time for a social life. I am a Christian trying to apply my very real faith to my equally real life. I have perfectionist tendencies which I blame on being an oldest child. I think that about covers it so... yeah.

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