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oh finals week begins

A blog entry eh… I suppose I ought to write one.

Last weekend was tons o’ fun. I doubt it can be topped this weekend, especially since two of my favorite people won’t even be here. Oh well. We went to the mall, Chuck E. Cheese, and Borders. Then I cooked for people and we just hung out. I spent twelve straight hours with people. That’s a really long time. Overall, it was just a lot of fun.

This week is/will be weird. Finals start. Today is study day. Last night I went to Starbucks and studied/did work… for maybe 2.5 hours, with a few distractions. It was good. I wrote a poem.

We ran out of soap in our bathroom so instead of the dispenser kind we have liquid Dial antibacterial hand soap. I love it so much. It reminds me of camp. Smells really get to me: I think it’s my favorite sense because it brings back memories so often. Certain smells are just amazing.

I’m kind of sad for this semester to end. It will be weird not having Shay and Emmy down the hall. But I’m excited for the townhouse.

I’m also excited for OBC! It will be pretty much fantastic. I might see Chief and Sunshine in less than two weeks! (If they ask me to work the Ladies’ Retreat or Memorial Day weekend.)

Anyway, I should get some more work done. Have a fantastic day.