Matthew West, Jeremy Camp, Toby Mac

So… the concert was a lot of fun and it was also fun hanging out with Jonesy and Emmy. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a hotel without adult or parental supervision. I mean, sure there was my “senior trip” but still, there were several adults there in charge of us. Anyway, the weather was cooperative and there were only a few minor issues with travel and such. Toby Mac was definitely my favorite of the three performers but I liked them all. Anyway, you should check out the photos (there will be videos on Facebook soon) on Flickr or Facebook, whichever you’re reading this from but if you have access to my Facebook I would recommend that one since I uploaded about 8 more than on Flickr.

That brings me to my next point. The reason I only uploaded 7 or so to Flickr is because I have only a free account and I have been nearing the 200 photo limit for quite some time. Not that my photos will be lost but people won’t be able to see any but my most recent 200. Since I have taken 7,435 photos on my approximately 2 year old camera, I feel like upgrading to a Pro account will soon be necessary. It costs $25 though so I’ve been putting it off. Thus, I have to limit my uploads. If anyone reading wants to be my new best friends, give the gift of Flickr.

Ok, well I’d best get to homework.


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