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Tuesday is OVER!

I have finally reached the end of Tuesday. I had an exam at 8:30, a presentation at9:55, and work from 11:15-2. Then I got to eat some “lunch.” While doing so, I was distracted by Pastor Dave in the Union, thus losing a good half hour of writing time. Of course I lost enough writing time by just being me. Ha. Anyway, it was a good distraction. Anyway, at 10:57 pm, my paper is finally done and submitted, albeit 44 words short and somewhat incoherent toward the end.

Suffice it to say, today has been stressful. But it’s over now and I can absolutely revel in the fact that my housing situation is 90% definite, I get to write lots of letters tomorrow, and I’ve accomplished quite a lot today. Not to mention Connie Button is now on Facebook. That pretty much made my week. And now I’m IMing a future housemate. That situation is possibly one of the most exciting things to happen to me in a long time.

Anyway, I really should go to bed. It’s after11 and I have to get up around 7 tomorrow morning. There’s lots I should share with you all but well, I really need to sleep because… I love it. In closing, a letter to my bed.

Dear Bed,
How could you doubt that I would make our meeting mostly on time? You know I would sacrifice anything, including my academic success, to rest in your sweet embrace at day’s end.
Yours Always,

PS I just got a funny IM that was mostly a grammatical error/typo but I’m not allowed to share it. It saddens me.



“As you know, I am a petal borne aloft on the autumn wind. It should say that in my file.” I like my alone time but get lonely frequently. I am dependable and trustworthy, a hard worker, and if I say I will do something, it will most likely be done. I am daily learning who I am and how I relate to people. I sing almost constantly. (Some would say I’m crazy or weird… I’m ok with that.) I am a singing, dancing photographer/writer/web-editor/proofreader who wants to change the world. I am on the cusp of a quarter-life crisis, navigating the ups and downs of becoming a grown-up. I find that as a twenty-nine year old woman, many of my friends seem to have the life I want: jobs in fields they love (with decent salaries), boyfriends, fiances, children, etc., while I seem somewhat stuck in a mediocre job with little time for a social life. I am a Christian trying to apply my very real faith to my equally real life. I have perfectionist tendencies which I blame on being an oldest child. I think that about covers it so... yeah.

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