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Lots of Changes

I just want to say that as of late my whole internet/technological life has been going through a massive redesign. I’m trying to integrate as much of my internet life into one place as possible. So hopefully a lot of you got to this site via

My life right now is pretty busy. I have a ton of reading to do most nights in addition to work and those things in life which I find necessary like attending small group Bible studies, working at the dining hall (to make $$$) for books, and working out.

I am taking 16 credit hours this semester which includes to 300 level literature courses, two psychology courses, and a generic Western traditions/humanities class. I’m kind of glad I’m going to be busy though because it means the semester goes faster and I get to summer faster.

I’m most likely going to be at O—- B—- C—-. I love the people there. I get to go work at a couple retreats in the next couple months!

Well, sorry to cut this off but it’s getting to be bedtime. Have a great night!

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The Changing of the Blog

So I’m a narcissistic loser and this blog will now be mostly me talking about myself and/or ranting about my day. My poetry and other writing of substance will be on my wiki, the link to which is on my blogroll.