She Made Me Eat a Candy Cane!

For reasons I will not go into in this blog, I do not attend a Sunday School class at my church. Instead, I hang out in the 1st through 3rd grade class which my friend Rosie teaches. This morning, my pastor’s son who is about six, walked in late to class and announced, quite huffily, that his older sister, age 17, made him eat a candy cane. He was quite upset. We all teased him and said how horrible it was that she made him eat candy. When we had finished, he continued saying, “Yeah, she made me eat a candy cane because I forgot… because I forgot to brush my teeth.”

Suffice it to say, I was rather amused, as was Rosie and anyone else to whom I have told this story in the last thirteen hours.

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One thought on “She Made Me Eat a Candy Cane!

  1. Couldn’t imagine how would a better writer of skill would write.

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