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On My Cross

A lot of the time, I continue to sin because it feels good or because it’s easy. A lot of the time, I behave in an unacceptable manner toward people. I could chalk this up to human nature. I could realize I’ve screwed up and confess it then turn around and do something else days or even moments later. Or, if I’m honest, I can stop to think about exactly what each sin costs. It’s easy to tell a little lie to someone because it will make life “easier.” It’s easy to do something, to say something, to listen to or watch something and say that it doesn’t affect me. It’s easy to say we’re living under grace not the law and that Jesus will forgive me. But Jesus didn’t just die for the “big” sins in our lives. I believe he died, was buried, and rose again for all our sins and would have done so especially for just the little things. So I’m challenging you and I’m challenging myself today. Each time you want to do one of those “little,” insignificant sins that don’t really amount to huge consequences on earth to think of what it cost Christ on the cross.

Those were my nails
That was my crown
That pierced Your hands and Your brow
Those were my thorns
Those were my scorns
Those were my tears that fell down
And just as You said it would be
You did it all for me
After You counted the cost
You took my shame, my blame
On my cross



“As you know, I am a petal borne aloft on the autumn wind. It should say that in my file.” I like my alone time but get lonely frequently. I am dependable and trustworthy, a hard worker, and if I say I will do something, it will most likely be done. I am daily learning who I am and how I relate to people. I sing almost constantly. (Some would say I’m crazy or weird… I’m ok with that.) I am a singing, dancing photographer/writer/web-editor/proofreader who wants to change the world. I am on the cusp of a quarter-life crisis, navigating the ups and downs of becoming a grown-up. I find that as a twenty-nine year old woman, many of my friends seem to have the life I want: jobs in fields they love (with decent salaries), boyfriends, fiances, children, etc., while I seem somewhat stuck in a mediocre job with little time for a social life. I am a Christian trying to apply my very real faith to my equally real life. I have perfectionist tendencies which I blame on being an oldest child. I think that about covers it so... yeah.

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